Anglican Unscripted 557 – Rome Unscripted

The Anglican Communion is not the only denomination slipping into the culture war.

Anglican Unscripted 556 – The War against Unconditional Love

The politics of 2019 and recent elections lead the Trio into a great discussion.

Anglican Unscripted 555 – The Paradox of Seminaries

Gavin, George, and Kevin talk about the breaking news from Truro Church in Virginia and the complicated relationships of Seminaries in England.

Pakistani Christians falsely accused of blasphemy

Anglican Unscripted 554 – To Catch a Predator

Kevin, George, and Gavin discuss the horrid story revealed in the independent investigation conducted at St Peter's Anglican Cathedral. The Trio also discuss...

Anglican Unscripted 553 – Eat More Lesbian Transgendered Chicken

The Monarchy may fall and the Chicken may fail -- this and much more on this week's Anglican Unscripted.

Anglican Unscripted 550 – An Anglican Pachamama?

It is interesting to witness what theology has become an idol for the leadership of the Anglican Communion.

Anglican Unscripted 549 – The Global South Covenant

Canon Andrew Gross sits down with Kevin to talk about the Covenant adopted by the Global South at their Cairo meeting in October. ...

Anglican Unscripted 548 – GAFCON Vs. Global South

The Trio are giving you their take on the new Global South Covenant.

AU 547 – Is it a Conspiracy?

Your handsome trio have a lot to talk about this week regarding the Christian Church and Global Politics.

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