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York joins in Nigeria denunciation

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell today issued a message in support of the Archbishop of Canterbury's statement regarding Archbishop Ndukuba of Nigeria. "I welcome and support...

Former Bishop of Botswana to stand for election as President of Zambia

The former Bishop of Botswana has launched a long-shot bid to become president of Zambia under the banner of former President Kenneth Kauda’s UNIP...

Murder and theft charges lodged against church leaders in Kinkiizi found to be “baseless”

Investigations have cleared both sides of the warring factions within the Diocese of Kinkiizi of criminal misconduct. Last December the Ministry of Ethics and...

The Evangelical world’s missing man

An interview in 2017 with the former chairman of the Proclamation Trust, an influential UK conservative evangelical training group, shows how pivotal the serial church...

Liberals begin piling on Nigeria over “Dear Gay Anglicans” response

A statement from the Rt Rev Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Loughborough and Bishop of Chelmsford Elect regarding the Most Reverend Henry C Ndukuba’s...

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