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Martyn Percy: The Ministry of Truth and Safeguarding in the Church of England (A...

From the Modern Church blog: As any student of George Orwell knows, the world of 1984 turns all conventional language on its head.  In a dystopian political...

Letter from the Upper Midwest on its leadership transition

Dear Diocese of the Upper Midwest,  On April 30, Rev. Alex Cameron was elected as the next Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Pending the consent of...

New dean for TSM

AMBRIDGE, PA - The Trinity School for Ministry Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of The Rev. Cn. Dr. Bryan C....

Growth, Decline and Extinction of UK Churches

Christianity is declining in the UK. In particular, the numbers participating in churches are decreasing each year. Of course, not all denominations are declining....

Sydney archbishop responds to passage of Euthanasia laws

The passing of the ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’ legislation will be a matter of regret for our whole community, not just for people of faith who...
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