Comment Policy

We have reflected on the part of the Comment Policy that says: “The only links we allow are links to online Bible sources.” This was intended to keep extraneous matter out of our discussions. On reflection, though, the links our readers tend to post are to thoughtful articles that are not commonly encountered and do actually enhance the conversation. Therefore we have decided to remove that line from the Comment Policy. We will judge the links for suitability the same way we judge any content by the Comment Policy, in that it cannot link to material that is name calling, is characterized by hostility, is off-topic or trolling.  It can be wrong, heretical, angry, happy, on topic, and especially Godly.

Anglican Ink has five volunteers scrolling through your comments looking for the following:

  • Name Calling
  • Comments considered libelous.
  • Hostility
  • Off Topic
  • Trolling (click for more info)

Commenter are allowed to be:

  • Wrong
  • Heretical
  • Angry
  • Happy
  • On Topic
  • And especially Godly

You cannot comment on articles more than 10 days old.  The only links we allow are links to an online Bible sources.  If a moderators deems your comment worthy and it includes a non bible link, they will strip out the link and ‘approve the comment’.

This policy is subject to change, but I trust my moderators more than I trust you.

Kevin Kallsen