Anglican Unscripted 570 – Anglo-Islamic

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden talk about Justin Welby's trip to Kenya and the future King of England and his love of...

Anglican Unscripted 569 – The Church and the Pendulum

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, Gavin Ashenden discuss the CofE's Statement on Civil Partnerships, Bishop Love of Albany, and the Anglican Ordinariate.

Anglican Unscripted 568 – Welby’s Primates Meeting

It looks like the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has got most of the band back together after years of the rumored breakup. ...

Anglican Unscripted 566 – Nicodemus Test

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger and Gavin Ashenden spend this morning talking about the Bishop Ball Documentary on the BBC. Also, the Trio talk...

Anglican Unscripted 565 – Royal Row & Eucharist Row

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden discuss the Royal Chaos caused by Harry and Meghan's decision to 'step back' from Senior leadership. ...

Ugandan police say farewell to Archbishop Ntagali

Anglican Unscripted 563 – Un-United Methodist Unscripted

Kevin Kallsen and Dr. Ryan Danker discuss the breaking news about the proposed 'split' within the United Methodist Church.

Anglican Unscripted 561 – Phobic Phobic

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden sit down to talk about the Jonathan Fletcher story that appeared in today's Telegraph. They also...

Anglican Unscripted 560 – Unwrapping the Gift of Suffering

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden talk about the world of global politics, suffering, and Pope Francis' new idea of ceasing evangelism.

Anglican Unscripted 558 – Unscripted Indeed

Kevin Kallsen interviews Gavin Ashenden about his upcoming conversion to Roman Catholicism.

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