Bishop Howard calls for new election for his successor in Florida


The Bishop of Florida, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Howard, will meet shortly with the members of the diocese’s standing committee and other diocesan leaders to plan the next steps for the election of a new bishop.

On 26 August 2022 BIshop Howard released a video statement outlining where things stood in light of the church court ruling that held the 14 May 2022 election of his successor had been improperly conducted.  Our “integrity was unquestioned” but the process was flawed.

The court decision had left many in the diocese anxious and unsettled, fearful political jockeying would further divide the diocese. Bishop Howard acknowledged that elections do “create divisions” as by their “very nature they divide people.”

But they also “create opportunities for healing and for reconciliation. i now am convinced that this is such

a moment for you and me in our diocese and in our church.”

The diocese will  “conduct another election” he said. After having been at arm’s length from the process for the past year, he would now meet with key diocesan leaders “make some very simple and prayerful suggestions to them” as to the way forward.

Bishop Howard added that “given the opportunity [the Rev. Charlie Holt] will stand for election at another convention”. 

“As your bishop I proclaim to you my beloved that the way forward to unity and healing for which we long and which we need, will not come from debate or from restating old opinions and oft-heard grievances. Unity and healing for us will begin as we come together to elect a new bishop who will join with me in proclaiming to  you joy and relationship with God and with one another.”