Episcopal priest arrested for raping a 3 year old girl


The Diocese of the Dominican Republic has released a statement condemning the rape of a three year old girl allegedly assaulted by an Episcopal priest and his son. 

On 21 April 2021 the diocese released a statement saying it was not involved in the legal proceedings against the vicar of the Episcopal Church in San Pedro de Macoris, Rev. Jean Nephtaly Desir, who with his son and wife were arrested last month after a psychologist interviewed a three year old girl who had been hospitalized after a sexual assault.  The priest and his wife were released on bond, while their son remains in custody.

The girl told a psychologist that her grandfather and uncle had raped her, identifying the priest and his son. The only evidence the priest was the attacker, however, is the testimony of the girl to the psychologist.

The Dominican press reports the veracity of the statements recorded in the psychological evaluation was in question. Supporters of the priest say the victim was coached to name the priest and his son, while members of the family claim there was a conspiracy to quash the report. It is not known if any forensic examinations were performed.

The Diocesan statement did not condemn nor defend Fr. Desir, but stated “As a Church we are against all abuse of this and of any other nature.” They called upon the police and courts to see that justice was done for the victim “so that whoever committed this abominable deed will pay for their crimes according to the laws of the Dominican Republic.”

“Our Church raises a prayer for God to guide this process and that justice prevails.”