Christmas message from Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia


Kahore hoki he kupu i ahu mai i te Atua i kore e whai mana.”

“Ni sa sega ni dua na ka me dredre vua na Kalou.”

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” – Luke 1:37

The celebration of the birth of the Christ child, brings before us again the extraordinary truth that our God is a God of the incarnation, not remote and inaccessible to us, but truly “God with us.”

In the midst of all of the beauty of this world, its fragility and vulnerability, in the midst of our individual and collective joy, celebration, and suffering, God is with us.

Because God is with us, we have hope for a better tomorrow. 

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

May your Christmas be a time of profound blessing.

Archbishop Don Tamihere
Archbishop Philip Richardson

Archbishop Fereimi Cama