Letter from Jonathan Fletcher to Evangelicals Now

Fletcher denies that Evangelical leaders have been involved in the cover up of his actions


Dear Sir,

I was grateful for Jonathan Worsley’s sensitive article on the front page of August’s [Evangelicals Now] under the title ‘Time to come clean’ but I am sorry he was not able to get in touch beforehand so that I could pass on the statement that has been forwarded to the press. It is as follows:

Statement by Jonathan Fletcher, 11th July 2019. ‘I am daily praying through Psalm 38 where David acknowledges unequivocally his sin, repents and seeks forgiveness. This is my daily prayer. Although at the time I did not think my actions were sinful I have come to see
that they were not only unwise but wrong especially insofar that they caused spiritual harm. For this I am deeply, deeply sorry and I want to know those whom I may have harmed, albeit unwittingly, so that I can seek their forgiveness and indeed the forgiveness of those who have been deeply hurt and offended by what they have heard.’

I judge that Psalm 38 is the deepest of the penitential Psalms and that is my position. I want people to read it. I am praying that even in this wretched situation we shall discover that Romans 8.28 will be fulfilled and with hindsight good may come of it. This is already beginning to happen. We are being woken up to the possibility of serious spiritual abuse and therefore able to reach out to those who have been damaged. When I discover who it is I have harmed I want to beg their forgiveness. It is also good that the evangelical hierarchy have not been involved in any cover up. This is very important for our reputation.

But I am hoping that some way down the line lessons may be learnt as to how to restore a penitent sinner as out-lined by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 18:15-17 and 2 Corinthians 2:5-11.

In sadness and penitence,

Jonathan Fletcher