ARDF reports: Hurricane Dorian — What the first stage of recovery looks like.

Marsh Harbour

Many of you know Water Mission, with whom we partnered in 2017 to bring relief to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We love their mission: That all people have safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love. This resonates with our desire to transform communities through Christ-centered development.

Currently, Water Mission has six staff on the ground. They have brought in Reverse Osmosis systems (RO’s) that can treat saltwater as well as P&G water purification packets for distribution to individuals.

As of this week, Water Mission already has two systems running in Green Turtle Cay and a larger system that can purify 30,000 gallons of ocean water per day in Marsh Harbor. Teams are currently assessing the needs of the surrounding areas.

Chris Mobley (left) is now volunteering with Water Mission. Photo Credit: Water Mission

Chris Mobley (left) is now volunteering with Water Mission. Photo Credit: Water Mission

Yes, Water Mission provides clean water. But they do so by working with the community. Chris Mobley is one resident Water Mission is helping. Chris knew of Water Mission’s engineering platform and sought out the team to volunteer with the staff on the ground. Chris is now helping Water Mission to install a RO system to provide a more permanent solution to the island’s water crisis.

In another example, a team of water technicians is helping the municipal governments assess and repair the existing water systems on the ground. You can read more about this community-focused approach here.

Of course, beyond clean water, Water Mission works to bring healing to the victims and help them recover from the trauma of the disaster. Please join us in praying that those who receive this clean water will also receive the living water of our Lord, Jesus Christ and will realize the deep love He has for all of us.

Molly is a 30 yr resident of Green Turtle Cay. She and her dog, Jackie, weathered the storm here. Water Mission met Molly as she came to get more water for her home:

“If there’s something you need more than anything, it’s water. We are so thankful for them and so thankful for all [Water Mission] is doing for our community.”

Your donations will allow Water Mission to bring clean water to more communities across the Islands and to work with the community to develop sustainable, permanent water solutions for the Bahamas moving forward.