Kwashi calls upon GAFCON supporters to embrace its strategic global networks


Archbishop Ben Kwashi writes to GAFCON supporters.

I hope you’ve had a chance to read Archbishop Okoh’s final ‘Chairman’s Letter‘ which he has faithfully written each month for the past three years. In it he stresses how crucial the nine networks are for the future of Gafcon.

Just 10 months ago at our Jerusalem conference, Gafcon members like you called for and embraced the launch of nine strategic global networks. They are now helping to focus Gafcon’s resources so that we will see real change around the world.
My call to you today is to help drive forward these networks through your support.Your prayers are also crucial, and forms a network all their own!

Learn how you can change lives through Gafcon’s powerful, global networks…

To remind you of the full scope of this work, these networks are…

  • Church Planting as a global strategy for evangelisation and re-evangelisation.  
  • Theological Education to access sound theological training throughout the Gafcon movement.
  • Bishops Training Institute to generate faithful and effective episcopal leadership throughout the communion.
  • Women’s Ministry to realise the potential of the Mothers’ Union as a global ministry to promote patterns of biblical marriage and family life.
  • Youth and Children’s Ministry to be a catalyst for mission to young people and children of all nations so that they may become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Global Mission Partnerships to promote strategic cross-cultural mission partnerships in a globalised world.
  • Prayer Network to provide an informative and up to date prayer resource available for all Gafcon subscribers.
  • Lawyers’ Task Force for Anglican Lawyers and Chancellors to address matters of mutual concern and share resources for the support of Gafcon and furthering the aims of the Jerusalem Declaration.
  • Sustainable Development to establish global partnerships and work with the local church to bring sustainable and transformative development.
  • And here’s great news; the G19 Conference in Dubai recommended that a tenth network be added – to support our fellow believers who live in ‘restricted situations’.

Now let me urge you first of all, to be eagerly involved in the Prayer Network. We will achieve nothing without prayer. But it is also crucial that I have your financial support.
Think about which network appeals to you and be especially ready to pray for that area as you give as generously as you can today.
What I’m asking you to do today is nothing short of fulfilling the Great Commission (Luke 24:47). And what better time to start than now as we prepare for Holy Week when Christ showed through His death and resurrection the importance of sharing the fullness of His love. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my email, and please take just a moment to find out what more God is calling you to do through Gafcon today!

Archbishop Ben Kwashi
General Secretary – Gafcon