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Church appeal for drought afflicted Australian farmers

Bush Church Aid president asks for help for Australia’s rural communities

Dear supporters,

Bush Church Aid is providing care in Christ’s name at a challenging time for many rural communities.

As you have no doubt seen in the media these last few weeks, a severe drought is gripping the country. This drought is affecting whole communities. With lower incomes and money being driven into feeding livestock, resources are low, spending at local businesses dwindles, and mental health is affected.

Many supporters have been in touch with us asking how they can support a Christian response to the drought through BCA.

I have been talking to those on the ground in affected communities, asking how we can best support them in this time of challenge.

Our response

We are currently accepting applications for funding from our Field Staff, and local churches and Dioceses in affected areas. Many of these initiatives include buying vouchers from local shops to hand out to those in need. This not only support farmers practically, but also gives local businesses a boost. Churches are also organising prayer meetings and social events to foster community and solidarity.

Our focus is on caring practically for farmers and their communities, and partnering with those on the ground to deliver the help that is most needed as quickly as possible.

Funding the response

Funds for these initiatives come from Bush Church Aid’s Kirkby Trust. The Kirkby Trust is a tax deductible fund, designed to provide direct relief of suffering, distress, misfortune or sickness in the bush.

Praise God that through this Trust we can provide immediate relief to drought-affected communities.

At this stage, Bush Church Aid is not launching a new fundraising appeal. We plan to first spend the money we have in reserve for such crises. This allows us to be good stewards of the money generously provided by you in the past.


How you can help

  • Please pray for drought-affected communities. Praise God that He is the One who provides, and pray that He will send rain to the driest parts of our land
  • Pray that God will sustain our farmers and their livelihood
  • Pray that the faith of Christians in these communities will be a shining light to those around them. Pray that those who don’t know God turn to Him in faith
  • Encourage your local church to pray for drought-affected communities.
  • As mentioned above, Bush Church Aid is already using reserve funds to provide immediate relief to these communities
  • However if you wish to contribute, there are two ways to do so:
    If you do not need a tax deduction, we strongly encourage you to consider donating to our General Ministry fund. The Field Staff ministering in these areas are predominantly supported by this fund. They are a vital Christian witness in times of stress and challenge and are able to share God’s love both practically and spiritually
    If you need a tax deduction, you can donate to the Kirkby Trust. Funds from this Trust are being distributed to parishes, Dioceses and Field Staff to support drought-affected communities
  • Click here to donate to either fund or contact your local Regional Office
Apply for funding
  • If you live in a drought-affected community, encourage your local church or Diocese to apply for funding
  • For more information email our Chief Operating Officer Greg Bridge or me.

Thank you for your continued support of remote, rural and regional Australia. Our Field Staff and ministries could not continue under God without your prayers and financial support.

In Christ,

Mark Short

National Director
Bush Church Aid


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