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Bishop of Maidstone laments resignation of Lorna Ashworth

Bishop Rod Thomas says he will stay and fight for the reform and renewal of the Church of England

The Rt Revd Rod Thomas, the Bishop of Maidstone, said: “I am very sorry that Lorna is resigning.

“She is a good friend and has been a brave, lively and winsome voice in the General Synod and Archbishop’s Council, as she has urged us all to remain faithful to the Word of God.

“She goes because she does not want to be drawn into compromise with those who seek to revise the plain teaching of Scripture.

“I pay tribute to her sincerity and courage. 

“The doctrine of the Church of England – and its liturgy – are based squarely on the authority of the Bible and I support every effort to sustain, promote and defend this.

“For me, that means continuing to minister within the Church of England, defending its historic commitment to Scripture.”


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