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Embattled British Anglicans appeal for support

Call to all Christians to endorse the “Movement for Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism”

British Anglicans have asked Christians around the world to endorse the movement for renewed orthodox Anglicanism, asking supporters to add their names to the letter published in the Daily Telegraph this week calling for the reform and renewal of the Church of England, Church in Wales and Scottish Episcopal Church.

On 25 July 2017 the Daily Telegraph published a letter signed by twenty-three Anglicans lamenting the recent actions of the Church of England’s General Synod and the abuse heaped upon faithful Anglicans at the meeting.

The church in Britain effectively had split. “One has capitulated to secular values, and one continues to hold the faith “once delivered to the saints,” the letter said.

The signatories stated that they stood “with the majority of faithful Anglicans across the globe, in prioritising Scripture and the unanimous teaching of the universal Church over secular fashion,” and have asked overseas Anglicans to come to their aid and endorse the Telegraph letter.

“People have been asking how they can keep informed and pray about future developments. If you sign this letter then we will be able to support one another in the renewal of orthodox Anglicanism,” the Rev. Dr. Peter Sanlon, the Vicar of St Mark’s Tunbridge Wells said.

A website has been set up to collect signatures at:

Faithful Christians of all traditions, from Britain and abroad, are asked to show their support for the embattled traditionalists, to demonstrate that though they may be a minority in Britain, they stand with the majority of Christians around the world.

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