What a glorious day it was to have our community public opening for Christ the Redeemer in Dillsburg, PA! Our core team did an amazing job loving and welcoming our community and celebrating the resurrected Christ. Thank you DOMA for your prayers, love, and support. 

 There are many things I can share with you from that day, but let me offer two encouraging stories. Someone from our community, who said they had been an atheist, was getting touched and transformed while watching a gospel-centered TV show. Jesus was doing a work in their heart, and they felt led to go to church, then our postcard came in the mail! They came that Sunday morning, glory to God!  Another person came from the community who had negative experiences at church due to unbiblical doctrine. After receiving the postcard in the mail, they came back to church after being gone from worship for some time and were able to rejoice in the Lord!     

I could share so much more but time does not allow, so let me say again thank you and all glory to God!!!

The Rev. Michael Koppola is the pastor and church-planter at Christ the Redeemer, Dillsburg, PA.