Peter Sanlon offers a “spiritual analysis” of what is happening in the Church of England

The bishops of the Church of England “have commended a vision to the church which is abhorrent to Jesus Christ.”

In this summary and analysis of recent events in the Church of England Peter Sanlon concludes that we must face a

spiritual analysis of what is going on in the Church of England. The House of Bishops have commended to the international Anglican Church a blueprint for the Church of England, which they are committed to delivering. Their paper on same-sex marriage and pastoral care divides the teaching of Jesus Christ, from the praxis of what Jesus Christ says his church should uphold. In so doing, they have commended a vision to the church which is abhorrent to Jesus Christ.

Many of them will continue to exercise ministries, and the Church of England will continue to do many good things, God will continue to use it in lots of different ways, to benefit many many people. But Dr. Sanlon’s spiritual analysis is this: “God has now withdrawn his spiritual anointing and spiritual power from the leadership of the Church of England. We will see the consequences of that working out in the coming decades and years. We need to pray that we will walk closely to Jesus and His Word, in order that he will not withdraw his blessing and spiritual reality from our church, and from our lives.”

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