PB Curry places TEC Leaders on Administrative Leave

[December 11, 2015] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued the following letter to the staff of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

December 11, 2015

Dear Friends,

I need to inform you that on Wednesday I placed on administrative leave Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer, Samuel McDonald, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Director of Mission, and Alex Baumgarten, Director of Public Engagement.  This is a result of concerns that have been raised about possible misconduct in carrying out their duties as members of senior management of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.  

I want to be clear. My decision should not be confused with a finding of fault, but is necessary to allow us to find clarity. We are taking these allegations seriously and there will be a full and fair examination of the concerns that have been raised to be conducted expeditiously by an independent investigator.  To protect the integrity of that process, we will not be able to say more about the concerns at this time.

I ask that you pray for all who are involved and who are impacted by this situation. 
I also ask that we all refrain from speculation, difficult though that may be. We all have a responsibility to protect the integrity of all the human beings involved and also the integrity of a fair and just process in this matter.

Bishop Clay Matthews, Director of the Office of Pastoral Development, will be coordinating a team of women and men, lay and ordained, to offer pastoral care for all involved.  Look for additional information about the pastoral support team and how to contact them in due course.  Bishop Matthews is available should any member of staff find a need for immediate pastoral care. He is also available for remote staff.  Contact him at any time at  Additionally, I encourage each one of you to do what you need to do to care for yourselves and each other.  Remember the benefits available through the Health Plan’s Employee Assistance Program.

On Monday, December 14, I intend to meet with you all by video conference.  Canons Michael Hunn and Chuck Robertson will be present at the Church Center to begin conversations with various departments about their needs and concerns as we move forward in these initial days. Information about the Monday meeting is forthcoming. I want you each to know I trust your faithfulness and integrity as we all work together.  The days ahead will be difficult, but God is good and we will pray and work through this together in the best interest of all involved.

Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry


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