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Three new dioceses for Church of South India

Three Indian dioceses divide into six in Kerala

Raising the retirement age of clergy, dividing three dioceses and increasing the powers of the Moderator are amongst three proposals prepared by the Executive Council of the Church of South India for action at the next meeting of General Synod. At their meeting in Madras last week the executive committee approved plans to bifurcate the North Kerala diocese to form the Malabar diocese, bifurcate South Kerala diocese to form the Kollam-Kottarakkara diocese and bifurcate Madhya Kerala to form the Kochi diocese. The council also approved the creation of a Kerala CSI Council to act as an internal province for the six Kerala dioceses. The executive council also endorsed a resolution raising the retirement age of bishops and clergy to 67 from 65 and strengthen the powers of the moderator at the expense of the dioceses. However in a letter to The Hindu newspaper, the former general secretary of the CSI, M.M. Philip, wrote: “It seems many of the proposals are intended to give more powers to the Moderator in the Synod and Bishops in the Dioceses, curtailing the rights and privileges of the presbyters and lay people. This is a violation of the basis of union and the governing principles of the church.”


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