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Anglican Unscripted 641 – Was it Fake?

There is a lot of news this week on Anglican Unscripted including some very important news from Uganda and other African nations. This and...

Anglican Unscripted 640 – Censored

The Covid Crazies are slowly taking over the world. This and much more on today's extended Anglican Unscripted with Kevin Kallsen and George Conger.

Anglican Unscripted 639 – The Great Covid Reawakening

Kevin Kallsen and George Conger talk about the latest news regarding the church and Covid-19. They also discuss the incident from the US Capital...

Anglican Unscripted 638 – Online Only Church

Kevin Kallsen and George Conger talk about how the world is adapting to CovidTimes. This and much, much more on this episode of Anglican...

Anglican Unscripted 622 – The Train Wreck

the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has documented the church of England has failed to protect children and young people from sexual predators...

Anglican Unscripted 621 – Accountability

Kevin Kallsen and George Conger discuss the lack of accountability at all levels and structures of the church.

Anglican Unscripted 620 – Trump: Angel or Antichrist

Anglican Unscripted seldom hits the third rail of political topics, but it is in the news.

Anglican Unscripted 619 – Anxiety in Covid Times

Face it, the world is anxious over the pandemic, race, politics, and everything else. This and Church of England news in today's Anglican Unscripted....

Anglican Unscripted 618 – INFAMY

We can all give accounts of where we were on 9/11. Kevin Kallsen and George Conger talk about their experiences and news from around...

Anglican Unscripted 617 – Winnowing the Church

So many places of worship are starting to shutter their doors permanently due to the Covid Pandemic. How this affects you and your church...

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