Conservatives have Suicidal Attitude says Pope


In a very candid interview with CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell, Pope Francis criticized conservative Catholics, describing their resistance to his policies as a “suicidal attitude.” Addressing the criticisms from U.S. bishops regarding his approval of blessings for same-sex partnerships, the 87-year-old pontiff emphasized the importance of viewing traditions with an open mind. Francis argued that being overly dogmatic and inflexible hinders progress, stating, “A bishop must be a shepherd and the shepherd must be in the middle of his herd, whether it is pretty, ugly, big, small, good, or bad.” The interview, which will air on “60 Minutes” and a one-hour special on Paramount+, highlights the pope’s call for a more inclusive and adaptive approach within the Church.

Pope Francis has faced significant opposition from conservative factions within the Catholic Church, particularly in the United States. His removal of Bishop Joseph Strickland and the stripping of privileges from retired Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, both vocal critics, underscore the tensions within the Church. Despite the pushback, Francis remains committed to his vision of an evolving Church, advocating for a balance between respecting tradition and embracing necessary change. His stance has contributed to a notable partisan divide among American Catholics, reflected in a recent Pew Research Center survey showing a decline in his approval ratings. Nonetheless, Francis continues to challenge the conservative elements, urging them to move beyond rigid ideologies and towards a more progressive understanding of faith and morals.