It is hard to appreciate the diversity of the Anglican church of Canada. This post is an attempt to inform or remind readers of just how big and varied Canada is and how the ACC reflects that diversity.

We need to start with a map to orientate even those who are familiar with Canada. Remember Canada is the second biggest country in the world with a land area around 10 million sq. km! Diocesan names and areas have changed, even in the last 10 years. The map is available from the ACC web site.

Now we can have the data about each diocese. These are unfortunately in image format for display here, but also in excel below for download. I have chosen metrics to demonstrate the great diversity of the church. The data is from the 2022 data set, which as I have previously commented, does not mean that every item is up to date.

However I am not going to make any comments about that diversity or comparisons between the dioceses.

These are available below in excel format for those who would like to engage with the numbers