Clergy tailor CM Almy acquired by F.C. Ziegler Co.


We are thrilled to announce a monumental chapter in the legacies of two respected, family-owned institutions. F.C. Ziegler Co., headquartered in Tulsa, OK and renowned since 1929, has purchased the assets of the esteemed CM Almy Company, a benchmark of excellence since 1892.

At CM Almy, a mission of reverence has been the guiding star: to design furnishings that enhance worship spaces, ensuring their lasting value by employing the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Our portfolio covers a vast range of vestments, clergy apparel, choir robes, oil candles, linens, processional and altar appointments, and eucharistic vessels. To cater to unique requirements, custom design and fabrication remain a cornerstone of Almy’s offerings. Discover more about our rich legacy and offerings at or reach one of our product experts at 800-225-2569.

F.C. Ziegler Co., and our FCZ logo are recognized as a sign of quality. We have not only been pioneers in church metalware, showcasing our Ziegler Metalware and the Excelsis (Progressive Bronze) lines, but we also pride ourselves on being a comprehensive provider. We are your one-stop solution, carrying all products essential for both public and private worship. Beyond product offerings, our expertise extends to services encompassing custom design, fabrication, and installation projects. Whether it’s an intricate altar or a full-fledged church sanctuary transformation, our skilled team is poised to bring your vision to life.

Our commitment goes beyond product manufacturing. OneServ, our premium white glove delivery program, a hallmark of our approach to adding value to our customers, ensures each product reaches you with utmost care. To determine if your locality is within our exclusive delivery zones, please visit to see a map.

We have stores in Scottsdale AZ, Albuquerque NM, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Houston TX, Tulsa OK, Wichita KS, Baton Rouge LA, and Fort Lauderdale FL. With a knowledgeable team of 19 sales representatives on the road, we ensure churches experience our personal touch. Our customer service team, always eager to assist, is available at 800-331-4117. For a round-the-clock shopping experience, visit our digital storefront at

Here’s what our unified journey pledges:

  1. Combined Heritage: Celebrating the craftsmanship and traditions of both industry titans.
  2. Broader Product Selection: With this collaboration, you will access a more diverse and enriched range of products, building upon the traditions of both entities.
  3. Commitment to Quality: We are proud to be an American manufacturer. We deeply believe in the skills, dedication, and hard work of the American worker. We are pleased to inform you that Almy manufacturing will remain in Pittsfield, Maine, ensuring the same exceptional quality you’ve always cherished. Your trust in our products will be met with the commitment it deserves.
  4. Team Continuity: We value the skilled hands and minds behind our products. We are retaining nearly all the dedicated team members of CM Almy. This means the people crafting your products and the dedicated customer service team members are the same experienced professionals you’ve always known.
  5. Enhanced Customer Relations: With synergized efforts, we guarantee an even more personalized and responsive interaction.

F.C. Ziegler Co.’s exclusive dedication to the church goods market has always been driven by respect for, understanding of, and collaboration with our customer’s mission. As with our past expansions and with the retirement of brother owners Michael and Stephen Fendler, the initiative for this acquisition came from CM Almy. They trusted that we would uphold and advance their legacy with our sustained dedication to the church goods industry.

As we step into this promising new phase, we assure you that your experience with us will only be elevated. If you have any queries or require additional details, our customer service team at or is always ready to assist.

We value your business. On behalf of the F.C. Ziegler Co., we thank you for your past business and look forward to serving your future needs.

Please note our new remittance address:

F.C. Ziegler Co.
2111 E 11th St
Tulsa Ok 74104

William Zitter
F.C. Ziegler Co.