Kirill condemns coup attempt in Russia


On June 24, 2023, His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’ addressed his compatriots. 

Dear brothers and sisters!

Military confrontation is a test in which we, even more than at other times, are called upon to carefully preserve national unity, pray to God, and support the soldiers and each other with all our might. 

Today, when our brothers fight and die on the fronts, selflessly fulfilling their duty, when the enemies are making every effort to destroy Russia, any attempt to sow discord within the country is the greatest crime that has no justification. 

Lifting up prayers for a peaceful resolution of the current situation, as the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, I urge those who, having taken up arms in their hands, are ready to direct them against their brethren, to think again. In the face of a common threat, one must maintain unity of mind, overcome grievances and personal ambitions. No matter how difficult it may sometimes be. 

I support the efforts of the Head of the Russian State aimed at preventing unrest in our country. 

I myself pray and call on all hierarchs, clergymen, monastics and laity to offer up prayers that the Lord may preserve peace and unity, jeopardized by calls for confusion. 

May the Lord protect Russia, its people and its army.