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The statement from Gafcon and the Global South is both clear and strong. There is great regret that the General Synod of the Church of England in February passed a motion to allow the blessing of same-sex unions, a motion that directly opposes the Scriptures, thus dragging the Church into apostasy. For that reason, the Anglican Communion no longer recognises the Archbishop of Canterbury as first among equals and calls on him and other leaders in the Church of England to repent and return to the Biblical teachings of Christ. God does not bless what he calls sin.

“Both GSFA and Gafcon Primates share the view that, due to the departures from orthodoxy articulated above, they can no longer recognise the Archbishop of Canterbury as an Instrument of Communion, the ‘first among equals’ of the Primates. The Church of England has chosen to impair her relationship with the orthodox provinces in the Communion.”

The call to repentance was met with great sadness, but the Gafcon and Global South delegates who represent ±85% of Anglicans worldwide made it abundantly clear that they are not leaving the Anglican Communion, or even creating a new Communion, but that it is the Church of England which has moved away from the Communion. Gafcon and the Global South will now in essence eject the heretical Church of England until they repent and return to the Gospel. There will be a resetting of the governing instruments of the Anglican Communion.

“We acknowledge their agreement that ‘communion’ between churches and Christians must be based on doctrine (Jerusalem Declaration #13; GSFA Covenant 2.1.6). Anglican identity is defined by this and not by recognition from the See of Canterbury.”

The Gafcon Primates extended the Anglican Communion by recognising new orthodox jurisdictions for faithful Anglicans, such as the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), the Anglican Church in Brazil, the Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE), the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Together in Christ, the Anglican Communion will better aim to serve the wider Anglican world. There was talk of persecuted Christians around the world who are in need of support both pastoral and practical.

Gafcon set out a plan for the future, including youth ministry, women’s ministry, mercy ministries, in what they are calling a decade of discipleship, evangelism and mission (2023-2033). But let it not be understated, the primary and most immediate objective must be to elect a new first among equals and replace the Archbishop of Canterbury as the figurehead of the Anglican Communion.

“Resetting the Communion is an urgent matter. It needs an adequate and robust foundation that addresses the legal and constitutional complexities in various Provinces. The goal is that orthodox Anglicans worldwide will have a clear identity, a global ‘spiritual home’ of which they can be proud, and a strong leadership structure that gives them stability and direction as Global Anglicans. We therefore commit to pray that God will guide this process of resetting, and that Gafcon and GSFA will keep in step with the Spirit.”

Support and prayer will be provided for those who have not yet left the apostate Church of England. May God guide them in their conscience. Christ died for our sins, he taught us to repent and have faith, may we all be reminded of that call to repentance.

God bless Gafcon and their biblically faithful, uncompromising preaching of the Gospel.

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