A posting by the Rev. Kim Gyu-don expressing hope that the presidential airplane would crash. (Facebook)

A priest has been suspended by the Daejeon Diocese of the Anglican Church of Korea after he wrote on his Facebook page that he hoped the president of South Korea’s plane would crash en route to the Group of 20 summit in Indonesia.  

The Rev. Kim Gyu-don was removed from parish and from his post as head of a church welfare agency in Wonju, Gangwon Province by the Bishop of Daejeon, Rt. Rev. Yu Nak-jun, on 14 Nov 2022.

The diocese posted an apology on Facebook saying Fr. Kim’s comments were not ones that a priest can make. Fr Kim has taken down the post and apologized for his actions, saying he had intended that his message be a private one, and had made it public by mistake.

Letter announcing Fr Kim’s suspension