ACNA offers update in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest investigations


Husch Blackwell has informed the Province that it is nearing the end of its investigation into the handling of sexual abuse allegations in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest and their report is expected to be released within the month.

On July 8, 2021 the Diocese of the Upper Midwest requested the Province take on oversight of its investigation. Husch Blackwell was hired by the Anglican Church in North America after selection by a unanimous vote of the Provincial Response Team (PRT) and majority vote of the survivors who participated in the firm selection process.

Our contract with Husch Blackwell stipulates the production of a “full public report that redacts names and identifying details to protect survivors and witnesses as appropriate.”  Husch Blackwell will deliver the report, and it will be relayed by the Anglican Church in North America through public communication channels upon reception.

As previously stated, Husch Blackwell has been committed to working with alleged victims and witnesses according to their preferred level of confidentiality while informing the participants of the limitations of using confidential and anonymous testimonies. You can read more about how the firm has handled confidentiality here.

Receiving this report is only one step in the process toward resolution in this matter.

The Provincial Investigative Team – UMW, a team of men and women, lay and clergy approved by the Executive Committee last fall, will review this report, along with the facts gathered by Telios Law firm into allegations of the abuse of ecclesiastical power, and will make recommendations of next steps to the appropriate ecclesiastical bodies. An update on the status of the investigation by Telios Law will be forthcoming.

Please join us in praying for all affected, their families, and the Church as they prepare for the release of this report.