Charlie Holt to join Florida diocesan team as a priest on staff


After completing his duties at St. John the Divine in Houston, Texas in June, the Rev. Charlie Holt and his family recently moved to Northeast Florida. He will formally join our Diocesan team as a Priest on Staff next Monday, Aug. 1.
In this role, he will primarily focus on:

  • Enhancing and expanding our prison ministry
  • Supporting our local Episcopal schools and their Board of Regents
  • Working with our Cursillo and renewal communities
  • Helping plan the future strategy for Camp Weed & Cerveny Conference Center
  • Collaborating with the Rev. Cn. Dr. Douglas Dupree on Bishop’s Institute projects

Fr. Charlie will not assume any bishop coadjutor responsibilities until the election confirmation process has been completed.
We look forward to welcoming Fr. Charlie and his family!