We are delighted and honored to share that today during our Special Electing Convention at St. John’s Cathedral, our voting body of more than 200 clergy and lay delegates selected The Rev. Charlie Holt as our Bishop Coadjutor Elect.

Father Charlie will ultimately succeed Bishop Howard upon his retirement in late 2023 to serve as the ninth bishop in our Diocese’s 184-year history.

Father Charlie has served the Episcopal Church for almost 25 years. He began in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he developed a true heart for evangelism and discipleship as hundreds of people came to a new relationship with the Lord and he helped plant a new church in the city.

He then served as rector at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lake Mary, Florida for 16 years. Most recently, he moved his ministry to Houston, Texas where he has focused on developing a world-class teaching center at St. John the Divine over the past four years.

Please join us in congratulating Father Charlie on his election – we look forward to seeing his vision, leadership and ministry in action across our Diocese.

Prior to becoming Diocesan bishop, Father Charlie will assume the temporary role of Bishop Coadjutor upon his consecration in October 2022. From there, he will learn from and assist Bishop Howard in diocesan matters until his late 2023 retirement.

In addition, we’d like to thank the other four candidates for Bishop Coadjutor for their passion and all of the time they dedicated to our Diocese during the multi-month search process.

Our appreciation for the way they immersed themselves in our communities cannot be overstated as it ensured a vote filled with clarity and confidence. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors as they continue to serve parishes and spread the word of God across our region.

Thank you all for your participation throughout the entire search process and election. Our Diocese will continue to be a strong, tight-knit community and will enjoy a prosperous future in large part because of you.

For the Glory of God alone,

The Standing Committee