Bishop of Nebbi enthroned


The Rt. Rev. Pons Ozelle was consecrated and enthroned as the 3rd Bishop of Nebbi Diocese in a colourful ceremony at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Goli on Sunday, 16th January 2022. The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba presided over the service and thousands of Christians flocked to Goli, as well as many local and international partners.

Equity Bank donated a new cathedra (Bishop’s Chair) for Nebbi Diocese. Archbishop Kaziimba dedicated the cathedra and prayed for the completion of the new Cathedral so the new Bishop could be seated there in the new cathedra (Bishop’s Chair).

The Rt. Rev. Professor Alfred Olwa, Bishop of Lango Diocese, preached from Isaiah 61:1-8. He declared that the Spirit of the Lord had called and anointed Bishop Pons to preach the good news of Jesus at this time in history, especially in Nebbi.

The newly consecrated Bishop Pons Ozelle based his Charge on the same passage from Isaiah 61, summarized as “Restoration through Jesus Christ from whom tangible healing, repair, and hope will come.”In light of the challenges Bishop Pons highlighted, he stressed that the way forward included the following:

1. Mission. Mission. Mission, especially among children, youth, and families.

2. Registration of land.

3. Promote SACCOs and tree planting at both household and institutional levels.

4. Promote education, especially retaining Primary Teacher Training Colleges in the Diocese and upgrading clergy education.

5. Finish the Cathedral

Her Excellency, the Vice President of Uganda, Jessica Aluppa, represented His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda. She pledged the support of the government as a development partner and presented a new car to the Bishop to facilitate his movements in the Diocese.

Rain began to fall during the reading of the new Bishop’s Charge, and the blessing from God was joyfully received.