Bishop of St Davids takes sick leave

Joanna Penberthy.jpg

The archdeacons of the Diocese of St David’s have written to the clergy stating the Rt. Rev. Joanna Penberthy is unwell and under a doctor’s care. Her physician has asked her to take the month of July off from work. The bishop’s sudden illness follows an unprecedented public condemnation by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the senior Bishop in Wales the Bishop of Bangor, and the Secretary of State for Wales of her denunciation of the Conservative party as untrustworthy. Bishop Penberthy has since taken down her twitter feed and offered an apology for words that may have caused offense. However, her critics charge the apology was half-hearted and indicates an unfitness to serve in episcopal office. It is not known whether Bishop Penberthy (62) will return from sick leave in August.