Western Kowloon synod launches COVID relief program


The Diocese of Western Kowloon held its diocesan synod on 7 and 8 November at All Saints’ Cathedral. Three motions on amendments to the diocese’s canons were passed.

Reporting on behalf of the Standing Committee, Dean Samson Fan, who is the synod executive secretary, mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a blow to the citizens’ finances, physical health, interpersonal relationships and mental wellness. In response to the situation, the standing committee set up a pastoral care fund to sponsor a long term project “Walking with Blessings”, which was coordinated by the diocese and participated by parishes. The project also partnered with the HKSKH Welfare Council’s Act of Love to call on people to serve the community with their own gifts, such as offering food and utility gift packs, tutorial classes and other supporting services.

He also mentioned that the Church of Shalom, located within St Andrew’s Primary School, completed its renovation project in August and the church will be elevated to the status of the parish on 28 November. The church will also change its name from Church of Shalom to St Anne’s Church.

The three motions passed were:

Motion 1

Paragraph 6 of Canon 3 of the Diocesan of Western Kowloon of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui is replaced by a new paragraph:

“A Parish shall send one (1) delegate for every thirty (30) Registered Members to the Synod, one delegate shall be sent for every additional thirty (30) Registered members. But the total number of delegates sent by each Parish shall not exceed nine (9).”

Motion 2

Two new Clauses, 9.2 and 9.3 of “Standing Order” are added to Canon 12 and all ensuing clauses are renumbered accordingly:

9.2 Members shall attend all meetings of the Synod in person.

9.3 Members may participate in the meetings of the committees of the Synod (the “Meetings of the Committees”, such definition of the Meetings of the Committees being exclusively for the purpose of this paragraph only) in person or by other methods which they can each communicate to the others any information or opinions they have on any particular item of the business of the meeting. In determining whether members are participating in a Meeting of the Committees, it is irrelevant where a member is and how they communicate with each other. If all members participating in a Meeting of the Committees are not in the same place, they may regard the meeting as taking place wherever any one of them is.”

Motion 3

A new Clause 12 of the “Standing Order” is added to Canon 12 and all ensuing Clauses are renumbered accordingly:

12 Submission of Motion

“Motion for discussion at the Diocesan Synod shall be proposed by the Bishop, the Committees, Working Groups set up by the Synod or the Vestries of the respective parishes of the Diocese. Such motion must be submitted within such prescribed time to the Executive Secretary who shall pass on the same for consideration Resolution Committee.”