Ugandan consecration postponed

The House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda has postponed the consecration of the Rev. Charles Okunya Oode as Bishop of Kumi. At their 14 December 2019 meeting, the Ugandan bishops reviewed four petitions from lay and clergy members of the diocese alleging marital misconduct by the bishop-elect. The Primate of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali has asked the Rt. Rev. George Kasangaki of Masindi-Kitara Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Bogere Egesa of Bukedi Diocese and the Rt. Rev. Patrick Gidudu of Mbale Diocese to review the charge of marital infidelity and report back to the House of Bishops by 1 Feb 2019. Archbishop appointed the retired bishop of Lango Diocese, the Rt. Rev. John Charles Odurkami to serve as interim Bishop of Kumi.

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