Statement by the Chilean House of Bishops on the unrest in their country


30 Oct 2019

We are not oblivious to what is happening in our country. And it is inevitable that we will encounter a variety of feelings like sadness and uncertainty. Nor are we indifferent to the episodes of violence, abuse and injustice. But, just as Jesus did, we hurt with the people who suffer. We understand that the root of these situations is not in an economic model or in a form of government, but the heart of the human being who has rejected God and the message of Jesus Christ as well as the call to repent and turn to our creator God. Our hope is in the righteousness of God manifested in the cross, and our confidence is in the eternal reign of Christ.

As a church we shall act as follows:

We will ask God for forgiveness for our sins as a country, recognizing that we truly need it.

We will pray for our authorities, asking God to give them wisdom in every action they take (1 Tim 2:1-3)

We will serve with love and humility in our environment, showing compassion, caring for the orphan and the widow,  as God has taken care of us.

We will reject violence in any form. We act in fear of God, renouncing sin, even in situations of injustice

We will work as peacemakers at all times following the call of Jesus Christ (Mat 5:)

Our Duty:

We shall continue to pray that the perfect will of God will be manifested in our country and that we shall remain in love and charity and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in every opportunity.

By: The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Chile

Translated from the Spanish original by Anglican Ink.