Diocese of Colombia assisting refugees fleeing Venezuela


Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting the Episcopal Diocese of Colombia in providing assistance to migrants displaced by the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela.

According to the UN, over 94% of the population of Venezuela is now living in poverty. More than 1 million Venezuelans have sought refuge over the border in Colombia. Half of these refugees are between the ages of 19 and 29.

With the support of Episcopal Relief & Development and the diocese, Christ Nativity Church is developing a ministry to support Venezuelan migrants and others in vulnerable situations due to the political climate. Church volunteers distribute food weekly to Venezuelans living in the areas surrounding Bogota, feeding over 150 families to date. They have also provided clothing, food and medical supplies to over 900 refugees passing through en route to other areas of Venezuela. Additionally, the church is using the parish property and other resources to provide shelter to migrants in need.

“Episcopal Relief & Development is working with our partners to provide tangible aid for the Venezuelans who have sought refuge over the border in Colombia,” said Nagulan Nesiah, Senior Programme Officer for Episcopal Relief & Development. “By providing humanitarian services and supplies such as food, medicine and clothing, we are demonstrating God’s love to them. We continue to pray for all those impacted by this crisis.”

Please pray for all those affected by the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Donations to the International Disaster Response Fund will help Episcopal Relief & Development continue to support a response.