British churches to toll their bells Maundy Thursday in solidarity with Notre Dame

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In response to the Archbishop of Paris’s desire that Churches in France should ring bells in solidarity with Notre Dame, the Archbishop of Canterbury has asked that Cathedrals and Churches of the Church of England will, as far as possible, toll a bell on Maundy Thursday evening at 7 pm for 7 minutes.

Chichester Cathedral will be ringing its bells in this way. The Dean of Chichester, The Very Reverend Stephen Waine, commented “Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Paris who have suffered a catastrophic fire. To see such extensive damage to a church which has witnessed to the Easter faith for over 850 years and is a cultural and historical landmark recognised throughout the world is shocking. The determination of those who have promised that the Cathedral will be restored is inspiring and we will hold the clergy and people of Notre Dame in our prayers.”

All are welcome to join services over Easter, and for those who wish to pause, reflect and remember the people of Paris, a number of Chapels, in particular, the Lady Chapel, are available for private prayer. Requests for prayer can also be left at the Shrine of St Richard and votive candles can be lit at various points around the Cathedral. For more information please visit