The Canterbury Tailspin on Truth

FRC president Tony Perkins slams Justin Welby for being out of touch with the Bible and American politics

Britain’s archbishop of Canterbury is considered a “top religious authority” — but after his latest interview, few understand why. The leader of the Church of England has absolutely no grasp on the biblical foundations of his faith, yet feels quite free criticizing Americans who do.

In an interview over the weekend, he lashed out at U.S. evangelicals for their enthusiastic support of President Trump — seemingly clueless of all the administration has done to advance religious liberty and expression in America. The Most Rev. Justin Welby was asked about Christians’ strong backing of Donald Trump on IVT’s “Preston on Sunday” and replied, “There’s two things going through my mind: Do I say what I think, or do I say what I should say? And I’m going to say what I think. No, I don’t understand it. I really genuinely do not understand where that is coming from.”

Well, the feeling is mutual. Evangelicals, who believe the Bible, were just as baffled by Webly’s approval of same-sex marriage as the head of the Church of England. Calling them “right and proper,” Welby also said that he couldn’t “give a straight answer” on whether homosexual behavior is a sin. “I am having to struggle to be… faithful to Scripture,” he told GQ. No kidding. As England’s “spiritual leader,” Welby ought to know better than anyone that the government can legalize a sinful act, but they can’t make it morally right.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but there shouldn’t be any mystery about his base’s support – unless, as his statements suggest, Welby doesn’t understand Christian orthodoxy. Listen to Trump’s campaign promises, and then look at his administration’s actions. He’s pursuing policies on life and religious freedom that are more consistent with biblical principles than any president in decades. In all honesty, it’s a sad commentary on the state of the church when politicians take positions that are more in line with biblical truth than its so-called leaders.

Tony Perkins is president of the Family Research Council in Washington.

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