Holy week inspires original jazz composition

THE EIGHT WORDS is an instrumental jazz suite reflecting on the eight sayings of Jesus in the passion according to St John.

The original composition by Rev’d Dr Tim Boniface has been professionally recorded and is now available to buy on CD. Critics have called it “brilliantly original” with a reviewer on iTunes describing it as “an engaging, intellectual and at times harrowing musical exploration of the last words of Jesus.”

Rev’d Boniface is a multi-instrumental jazz performer and theologian, currently serving as curate of St Nicholas Church in Chislehurst, Kent.

He composed THE EIGHT WORDS for Holy Week 2016 as part of the ArtsFest at St Paul’s Church, Cambridge. His inspiration was Michael Sadgrove’s 2007 book, ‘The Eight Words of Jesus’.

The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Dean Emeritus of Durham, says:

“I’ve been moved to discover through Tim Boniface’s wonderfully imaginative work how the medium of jazz can bring so much richness to our understanding of the “Eight Words” in St John’s Gospel.”

The suite has been released on CD in collaboration with Westcott House in Cambridge, where Tim completed his theological studies. The CD includes an 8 page booklet with an introduction to the project and a commentary on each of the movements.

The Rev’d Canon Chris Chivers, Principal at Westcott House, says:

“Tim Boniface’s Eight Words eeks out a brilliantly original, reflective space within which to hear the song of salvation, whose melodies we suppose to be familiar yet are, tantalisingly, to be improvised in our own listening response… it’s just such creativity that the church needs and that the truth of Good Friday demands. It’s an honour to commend it to a wider audience.”

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