Resolution adopted by the Diocese of Central Florida

Central Florida votes to honor the request of 78th General Convention to increase its giving to the national church,

Resolution: R-1 Episcopal Church Assessment

Presenter(s): The Very Rev. Orlando Addison, the Very Rev. Phyllis Bartle, the Very Rev. George Conger, the Very Rev. Gary Jackson, the Rev. Alison Harrity, Mr. Sid Glynn, Mrs. Krisita Jackson

Date: December 6, 2016

RESOLVED: That this 48th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Central Florida hereby commits to meet the mandatory assessment as adopted by the 78th General Convention in Resolution D013 in 2015, set by Resolution C001 at no more than 15% of operating revenue, and be it further

RESOLVED: This convention asks the Diocesan Board to investigate and develop solutions to implement this goal and present them to our 49th Diocesan Convention.

EXPLANATION: The Episcopal Church at its General Convention in 2015 elected to fund its triennial budget by establishing a mandatory assessment of up to 15% of operating revenue on all dioceses beginning in 2019. The Diocese of Central Florida is a constituent member of The Episcopal Church and should comply with the canons.

The above resolution was offered to the convention on 28 Jan 2017 by the Very Rev George Conger. After debate it was adopted by voice vote.

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