Statement by Jayne Ozanne following the House of Bishops’ Report on Same Sex Relationships

“Unbelievable, Unacceptable and Ungodly” says gay activist.

Being nice to us whilst hitting us is still abuse! Believing you can change your tone so that we’re given “welcome and support” whilst teaching that our being in a loving faithful same-sex relationship (which by definition has to be outside of marriage because you won’t permit it) is sinful is ludicrous.

The nation will look on incredulous, and yet again will recoil from a Church that fails to show love or understanding to those it has constantly marginalised and victimised.

There is no evidence in this report that the Bishops have listened to the Shared Conversations, save their own voices and that of the Anglican Communion. The costly and timely process, which demanded so much vulnerability from those of us who are LGBT, has been a complete waste of time.

This report fails to recognise the mounting evidence that was given of the prolonged and institutionalised spiritual abuse that has been meted out against the LGBT community. To demand that they be celibate for life because of their sexual orientation, and to only recognise one interpretation of scripture on the matter is cruel, unjust and ungodly.

I am ashamed to be part of such an institution that is incapable of recognising and responding to the diversity of views that were expressed during the Shared Conversations. I am angered by a House of Bishops who have sought only to address their own concerns about having to question ordinands at the expense of showing any real leadership on the substantive issues. Most of all I am deeply concerned for the wellbeing of vulnerable LGBT teenagers growing up in many Christian homes, who will continue to be subject to abusive teaching and practices that we know causes depression, self-hatred, self-harm and sadly even suicide.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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