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Appeal for action to the ACC Standing Committee from Scottish Episcopalians

Please Take Action Against the Blasphemy of Reading Quran during Holy Eucharist in St Mary’s Cathedral–– An Open Letter to the Anglican Consultative Council

Dear Sir/Madame,

As the Scottish Episcopal Church does not take any action against the Blasphemy of Reading Quran during Holy Eucharist in St Mary’s Scottish Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow on 6 th January, 2017, I must write an open letter to all standing committee members of the Anglican Consultative Council for the sake of the unity of the Anglican Communion in the love and the truth of Christ. In order to avoid both schism and Blasphemy, I wish the ACC would take effective measures as early as possible so as to help strengthening the true Anglican Christian faith of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

On 6 th January, 2016 St Mary’s Scottish Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow invites a Muslim girl to chant the Quran during the Epiphany Holy Eucharist instead of reading the Epistle according to the lectionary. I openly condemn the cathedral for Blasphemy, but the Provost Kelvin Holdsworth called the police so as to suppress all criticisms against him. He has no intention to repent and merely blame all critics as “Islamphobic”. Obviously inter-faith dialogue should only be done in non-sacramental setting. If Anglicans believe that the Christ presents in the Holy Eucharist and the Liturgy of Word is the moment when God’s words are revealed, the Anglican Communion must renounce the reading of other religious text in Holy Eucharist.

But what concern me more is the schism. While I merely criticise the cathedral for such Blasphemy, someone intentionally transfer the argument into a debate between Liberal and Conservative. This is a fallacy of Red Herring. While Kelvin and the cathedral blame all critics as conservative Christian, some critics blame all liberal Christian as the supporters of the blasphemy of St Mary’s cathedral.

This fallacy is inexpedient to the reflection on the faith while struggle is harmful to the unity of the church. Therefore, I urge the Anglican Consultative Council to take actions as follow:

1. launch a public statement renouncing the Blasphemy of Reading Quran in Holy Eucharist in St Mary’s Scottish Episcopal Cathedral,

2. Urge the Scottish Episcopal Church to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with reverence and always follow the lectionary, and

3. In long term, provide a non-biding guideline on inter-faith dialogues.

As St Paul said, “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”, for “all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light”. (Ephesian 5:11,13)

Christians should not avoid criticism of each other, but all condemnations should be for the sake of the unity of the church in both the Love and the Truth of Christ. If the Provost who is responsible for the Blasphemy finally repents and resigns, I hope the Anglican Communion will grant him and his supporters forgiveness, for God forgives those who confess their sins.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Ka Pok Tam

PhD student in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Glasgow


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