Fiji suffers again

Fiji is again struggling through a natural disaster – just months after being hit by Cyclone Winston.

Torrential rain has led to severe flooding, especially in parts of the country’s main island, Viti Levu. Several towns are underwater, with flood warnings and storm damage in many areas.

The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid is again mobilising to help.

Working with partners in Fiji, Anglican Aid has launched an appeal and sent an immediate gift of $5,000 has been sent to buy emergency food parcels for families and seed to replant crops that have been literally washed away by the flooding.

“In the New Year, after we receive further definitive information, we will explore cost-effective ways of providing a replacement fishing vessel for one of the hardest hit areas where boats have been destroyed or damaged and boat owners employing young people are now unable to work and provide for their families” said David Mansfield, CEO of Anglican Aid.

Mr Mansfield said it was ironic that the disaster comes as the organisation is preparing to fight the effects of water shortages elsewhere.

“One of the things I find most perplexing in serving people in great need throughout the world is how, on the one hand we are raising awareness for communities in trauma from a lack of water for drinking and growing crops, and on the other hand, communities have had their crops and livelihoods destroyed by the flooding”. 

Gifts to the Fiji Flood Appeal can be made through the Anglican Aid website.

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