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Pakistan diocese mourns murder of Sikh leader

Diocese of Peshawar denounces murder of Sardar Soran Singh

Two and a half years old Rasna Kaur – holding the turbin of her father, goes to her grand mother and tells, “this the turbin of my father, he is lying outside in the street,” this was Sardar Soran Singh’s daughter whose father was killed in front of their house while she was holding her father’s hand. Sardar Soran Singh was killed on 22 April, 2016, he is the second minority’s political figure who is assassinated. Mr. Shabaz Bhatti a Christian Federal Minister for Minority Affairs, who worked tirelessly for Minorities and promotion of the Interfaith in the region. He was killed by the extremists/Taliban forces as they felt threatened by his existence. Sardar Soran Singh was one of those who rise to glory in a blink an eye. Although he was a renowned political worker and promoter of interfaith harmony in the region, but he came into the lime light after becoming Special Advisor on Minorities Affairs to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Pervez Khan Khattak in 2013. Soran Singh was gunned down near his house in Pir Baba area of Buner. He was immediately shifted to the Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. His murder was strongly condemned by the Diocese of Peshawar and all sections of the Society. The Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters went to visit his family for condolences. At this occasion, the Bishop also went to the Sikhs Gurdwara for the final prayers for Soran Singh. He also paid a tribute to him and showed solidarity with the whole Sikh community. “Today I have lost a very special friend in Soran Singh, and his services for the Minorities and for the Interfaith harmony will never be forgotten”. Said the Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters in his interview to the media and the Frontier News correspondent. Now a days, everyone in Pakistan is engage to update the security measures, which is extremely expensive.

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