Bishop of Croatia responds to the Canterbury primates communique

The Reformed Episcopal Church in Croatia welcomes the decision by Primates of the Anglican Communion on the suspension of the Episcopal Church in the USA (TEC). Our understanding of this decision is that the Primates acted in a spirit of concern and Christian love for TEC by which they desire to return to the same biblical,moral, and ethical values. Disciplinary measures in the Christian sense never should be understood as a rejection, but on the contrary as an act of the mercy of God, who cares that the whole body of Christ is to be faithful to his Word. When one Anglican province deviates from biblical ethics and morals it reflects on the other provinces so they feel obligated to make a stand, and it also hampers ecumenical dialogue with other churches. We feel that it is completely incorrect to look at this decision as being discriminatory against LGBT. The church continues to lovingly accept every man and woman and it tries to facilitate adequate pastoral care for LGBT people, while at the same time it promotes and safeguards biblical morality and ethics. Our prayer is that the Lord blesses this decision of the Primates which can bring about the necessary changes within TEC as well as contribute to the journey of all Anglicans as well as the entire Church in general in the ministry of proclaiming the Good News to all mankind.
The Rt. Rev. Dr Jasmin Milic
Assistant Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Croatia

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