Bishop of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others responds to the Canterbury primates communique

 I am pleased to see the care taken by the primates for God’s design for marriage, as we understand it from the scriptures

I want to say a few things about the recent Primates meeting called and led by Archbishop Welby in Canterbury:

First, I can’t imagine all that Archbishop Welby must have on his plate and whirling around in his mind. But I am rooting for him as a brother in Christ to discern and commit to the will of God, to God’s kingdom at work in the church and in the world. Though in my life this can be easier said than done, I have good reason to believe Welby is trying to do precisely that.

Second, I‘m glad to hear that Archbishop Beach was a welcomed and respected voice at the meeting. I am also proud of the humble, but appropriately clear leadership he exhibited at the meeting and in his comments afterward.

Third, I am pleased to see the care taken by the primates for God’s design for marriage, as we understand it from the scriptures. One of the most challenging aspects of being the people of God on earth is our call to love and stay connected to culture, while remaining in tension with it, when key matters of faith and doctrine are at stake. But, as I often say, the Kingdom of God is an earthly reality. God stays connected to His broken creation while remaining completely The Other. We are called to patterns of life and ministry based on that Divine Model.

The main takeaway for my heart, my ministry, for that of Holy Trinity Church and for that of C4SO is best summed up from the Primates Statement and in the comments of Bishops Beach and Masters:

From the Primates: We commit ourselves through evangelism to proclaim the person and work of Jesus Christ, unceasingly and authentically, inviting all to embrace the beauty and joy of the Gospel.

From Canadian (ANiC) Bishop Charlie Masters: We will continue to press on…with intensified focus on building biblically faithful, gospel-sharing, Anglican churches (emphasis his).

From Archbishop Beach: Let us stay on our mission—to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ!

Following Jesus with you for the sake of others,

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