Kenyan archbishop calls for voters revolt

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, has called for a citizens’ revolt against the country’s political elites, to “liberate the country from politicians’ appetite for money and power”. In an address delivered on 31 Oct 2015 at St James and All Martyrs Memorial Cathedral in Murang’a in the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central, Archbishop Wabukala, the chairman of the country’s National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee called “upon Kenyans to rescue our country” from its current crop of leaders. “I think there should be a third force, a third revolution or a third reformation in this country. My suggestion would be another reform to liberate this country from appetite of money and power,” he said, citing recent reports of profligate personal spending on expenses by MPs and the country’s culture of money driven politics. Following the end of one party rule in 1990 Kenya’s national elections have been plagued by violence and allegations of fraud. Violence erupted in the wake of the December 2007 elections with over 1000 dead and hundreds of thousands driven from their homes in clashes between members of the Luo and Kikuyu tribes. A new constitution was introduced in 2010 that devolved power from the central government and although there was a legal petition of the presidential elections and minor protests about the election results, the country mainly remained peaceful. However, the country is still highly divided along ethnic lines and the fragile balance can easily be disturbed the archbishop has warned.

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