Malawi bishop backs govt family planning campaign

The Bishop of Southern Malawi has urged Anglicans to practice family planning, allowing families to determine the number and spacing of births. According to the Nyasa Times, the Rt. Rev. Alinafe Kalemba, told the congregation at Chadzunda: “It is not just a question of having children but rather children whom you should be able to look after in all aspects of life otherwise it is no secret that the government is failing to cope up with the current population pressure.” Smaller families would improve maternal health, slow population growth and promote greater individual well-being, economic and educational opportunities. On 25 Oct 2015 the bishop urged young people not to “rush into early marriages” but first gain an education and training that would allow them to support their families. The bishop’s remarks followed a meeting last week of the Anglican bishops of Malawi with President Peter Mutharika. The president charged the Anglican church leaders with helping “promote the right value system that supports socio-economic development.” At the 1930 Lambeth Conference, and again at the 1958 conference, the bishops of the Anglican Communion held that family planning was a moral good when used by couples within marriage for prudential reasons.

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