ACC Standing Committee statement on South Sudan

Meeting in London today the Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) heard reports from South Sudan. 

We rejoice that a peace agreement for the South Sudan has been signed. Responsibility now falls on the leaders in South Sudan to implement the agreement fairly and generously, seeking justice not advantage, peace not personal gain.

A process of reconciliation must begin urgently and we support the churches of all denominations in their work for reconciliation. It is essential that sufficient security is created for churches and other civil society groups to disseminate and communicate the contents of the peace agreement to the people of South Sudan.

Responsibility falls on the neighbouring countries and the African Union to support this fledgling agreement.

Responsibility also rests with the international community and above all the major countries with historic involvement in the area, such as the USA, the UK and Norway, as well as France and China, to use their good offices and influence to ensure that peace takes root. We ask that the work and capacity of the UN in the South Sudan be strengthened.

We pray for the churches in South Sudan, who have played such an important part in the campaign for peace, and especially in the care of the hundreds of thousands of victims caught up in the fighting. *

Bishop James Tengatenga (Chair of the ACC)

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

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