ACC Standing Committee statement on Burundi

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council issued a statement on Burundi at its meeting today, 3 September, in London.

Meeting in London today the Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council[1] (ACC) heard reports from Burundi.

We deplore the situation of insecurity that prevails in Burundi. We call on those in leadership to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable ahead of their own interests.

We call on the UN, the African Union and the East African Community to renew all possible efforts to support peace. We call on Christians of all denominations to pray fervently for Burundi, and we call on the leaders in Burundi earnestly to seek peace and pursue it and especially to call the various political leaders to resume immediately serious and inclusive dialogue.

Reconciliation is always a demanding process, but bears fruit in saved lives and stable communities.

May Burundi be blessed with leadership that brings true and generous reconciliation!

Bishop James Tengatenga (Chair of the ACC)

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

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