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New Zealand cathedral robbery captured on film

Auckland’s cathedral loses communion chalices, computer equipment and cash in daylight raid.

The open doors of Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell are being used as an opportunity for theft. Footage from the cathedral’s security system shows a man entering the building and wrenching open a secure donation box to remove the money after a service. The same day computer hardware and communion chalices were also taken. The man shown has been seen at the cathedral on several occasions. Anyone who knows the man’s identity should contact the Auckland police on 09 302 6400 and nominate a name for file number 150809/5127. Dean Jo Kelly-Moore says the doors of the cathedral are open for anyone wishing to pray or simply find a quiet space. She says the recent theft is an abuse of the open-door policy and disappointing. The cathedral recently upgraded its security, and staff are grateful for police help. Dean Jo says locks and keys are part of life but a church is one place that should be respected and open.

First printed at Anglican Taonga

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