GAFCON primates lead in corruption fight

GAFCON’s most senior leaders are taking a prominent role in the fight against corruption in Africa. The Chairman of the Primate’s Council, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, was appointed late last year to chair Kenya’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee. Among other measures, the committee will run nationwide public education campaign aimed at changing Kenyans’ attitude towards corruption. Archbishop Wabukala has compared corruption to ‘a national disaster’ and declared “The time has come when all must face the law. The culture of impunity has to be done away with.” Now, the deputy chairman of GAFCON, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has called on churches to give priority to the President’s anti-corruption drive. Archbishop Okoh told Nigerian TV that the behaviour of some public office holders was ‘a huge disappointment’ to Nigeria. “The Church has been preaching and teaching that people should live right. When you live right, there will be no need for anybody to set up any panel or court against anybody.” If you take what belongs to you and I take what belongs to me, then there is no cheating. But a situation where somebody will take what belongs to everybody and appropriate it and then others are deprived, that is a bad situation.” he told reporters in Abuja. Archbishop Okoh was a member of the National Peace Committee for this year’s general elections in Nigeria.

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