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West African archbishop calls for popular campaign against corruption

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has called upon the clergy of Ghana to denounce public corruption from the pulpits of their churches. By making a bold and concerted effort to shame corrupt politicians, the churches of Ghana can prevent the country’s collapse, the Most Rev. Daniel Sarfo said on 14 July 2015. Speaking in Kumasi at the launch of the Bishop J.B. Arthur Foundation, the Most Reverend Daniel Yinkah-Sarfo denounced politicians who used public money to buy support from voters for their reelection or who used their office to enrich themselves. The archbishop condemned a recent scam allegedly orchestrated by the head of human resources of the Ghana Police Service, who sold places in the service to over 500 people. The archbishop said public corruption would lead to the death of democracy. It was the Christian duty of all people, he said, to fight corruption and champion good government.

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